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Evil eye


Modern man, though having a higher level of consciousness and living in a society much more developed than his ancestors, is still afraid of “evil eyes” more than all other diseases combined. The best evidenced for this is a belief in the nation that more people have died as a result of “evil eyes” than all diseases combined. 

Belief in the power of “evil eyes” was found even in ancient Persia (Iran), the culture for which it is assumed, based on the discovered historical sites, that is older than 7.ooo years, where she was embodied in the form of the female demon named Agas. 

Now days, there is no nation in the world where there is more or less expressed belief in the power of the human negative view, whether we talk about Hindu, Muslim, Christian or other religion. With the arrival of Turks and Islam in Bosnia, belief in the “evil eye” suddenly escalated, therefore in line with this whole series of rituals and beliefs about the protection and eliminating the negative effects of the “evil eyes” were developed. 

“Evil eyes”, is a reflection of the negative energies of one's soul (psyche) triggered by uncontrolled emotions such as jealousy or a great admiration. It is believed that every man has this power even those blind, because the spell is created with the help of views and words. It is believed that the green eyes are evil eyes, especially if that person is born under the sign of Scorpio. This category includes persons who cut their nails with scissors, etc. 

While the evil eyes are considered primarily children's disease, since they are most affected, also adults are not immune to them especially the young, beautiful and successful ones. Spells are subject to pregnant women, patients, animals and etc. At least resistant to the spell are children especially in the first 40 days of their lives, therefore caring mother stick to the various prophylactic rituals of placing amulets, garlic, or list of nacre (Rute graveoles’) under the pillow or a piece of wood yew (Taxus baccata),or around his hands she ties the red thread on which is tied 40 knots and etc. 

For the purpose of prevention in Bosnia we usually can hear the word universal “mashallah” which is believed to be the strongest protection from all forms of evil eyes. 

When a child cries for no apparent reason and is restless, mother immediately suspects on the effect of the evil eye, especially if this happens after departure of guests from the house. In order to neutralize the effect of the evil eye mother pours some water into hers mouth but does not swallow the water and stands behind the door and looks into the angle between the door and the wall. While standing in that position she recites the prayer “Ikhlas” and then water from her mouth spills into her right hand and throw it over her left shoulder and with her wet right hand wipes the child's face. 
Once the power of evil eye has been neutralized, she ties around his hand red or silky thread for his "health”. 


KURŞUN DÖKMEK (Lead pouring)


Lead's melting has been a very much spread practice of treating fear and other negative impact; in the past of BIH. The original method was brought by Turkish people who brought it over, amongst other magic beliefs, after they conquered Balkan countries. That ritual can be performed by man or woman, but women perform it more often, as they used to, traditionally, care about their family's health. Women who does that ritual in Bosnia is called „stravarka“ (in turkish ocakli kadin), and she is usually older lady who has been passed through menopause. Stravarka, in the process, uses a few props; metal spoon, bowl for water, 3 or 4 pieces of lead and red towel or scarf. Ritual follows the strict religious pattern and therefore Stravarka, before she starts performs abdest (muslim religious washing). Stravarka, over the lead and bowl filled with water, pronounces some individual Quranic prayers, with El-Fatiha first Quranic chapter and El-ihlas 112 chapter dominating.

When treating a frightened child, Stravarka first put little pieces of led through the gun barrel and then puts them in a spoon and melt in the fire. However, when treating her adult patients she holds a larger or several small pieces of lead in her hand and rotates them 3 times clockwise round around the patients head saying: Euzubilahir rahmanir rahim. While the lead is melting in fire, Stravarka, over the bowl with water, quietly speaks prayers and basmas magic words that seek the salvation of God and the health for a patient.

Between the prayers she repeats the following words:"Dear Hazart Fatima, my dear mother tell your father Mohammed that the patient needs help day and night". When she pronounces all the words and prayers due to which she normally experiences some harmless sensations like uncontrolled yawning or tearing eyes stravarka covers patient’s head with a cloth or red scarf (patient sits on a chair). Then, while holding the bowl of water in her left hand over the patient’s head she takes a right handed spoon with melted lead and quickly pours it into the water. On this occasion stravarka says; “lead to break and all evil to bounce from (name of patient)”. When pronouncing the magic words she looks out into a high mountain intending, in such a way, to positively affect the recovery of a patient.

Namely, in BIH high landscapes such as mountains, are considers as symbols of happiness and good health; this is originating from the old Bosnian Sun-worshiping Cult. We, during this ritual, several times encounter the segments of those beliefs when stravarka 3 times moves in clockwise direction; following the path of the sun, when circling lead around the patients head or during her prayers’ chanting over the bowl of water that she, after every prayer, rotates in clockwise circle. After she throws dissolved lead in cold water, on which occasion leads form various shapes, Stravarka commences analyses of the obtained shapes what leads her to the cause of problem/disorder. If lead forms in a shape of a needle or number of them Stravarka is convinced that the patient was a victim of an enormous shock of fright. Lead formed in a circle is a sign of a direct patient’s contact with the spiritual world of Jinns, on which occasion spirits harmed the patient. After Stravarka performed the analyses of the obtained forms of lead, she collects all the lead by the spoon and brings it back to fire in order to re-melt it. Then, she repeats the same ritual that has already been described above, with a difference in lead being melted in water this time over the patient’s stomach not head. When stage two is completed the last time Stravarka melts lead over the patient’s feet, what is the final/ending stage of the ritual.

The sign of successful treatment is sought in the lead itself. Namely, so-called heart appears in the very lead (shape of tear), what is a sign of all the evil being neutralized in the patient. The patient washes his face 3 times with the water lead was melted in 3 times, drinks a bit of it too, washes his/her hands up to his/her elbows and washes his/her legs up to his/her knees. The rest of the water is spilled under bush of rose.
Heart or tears of lead is kept for a month time under the patient’s pillow and then thrown down the river stream.



In a long tradition of magic practice in Bosnia & Herzegovina, particularly the practice of love magic, we encounter various aspects of beliefs in the power of spirits, planets, herbs, as well as blood, human secretion, and so on. Alongside it all, an influence of Slavic and oriental beliefs based on animalism is evident, what tells us about the ancient connection between human beings, nature and its forces. 

Only some persons used to practice magic throughout the centuries; those who were able of establishing contacts with the invisible entities. Sometimes, such communication was initiated by spiritual forces themselves and more often by human beings performing magic rituals. In Bosnia & Herzegovina, the most known ritual of establishing contact and alliance with the invisible forces is “sacrilege with the Koran”, in which man or woman denies their faith in God and accept devil as their master or partner.  

Such power was often desired by women aiming to be successful in love magic practice. In order to acquire magical power and make an alliance with the world of demons (jinni), a girl involved in a dark ritual of initiation must get completely undressed/nude and step with both feet on Koran and say: “Iblis, I surrender to you my soul and I ask the following…” By such an act of sacrilege she gets in union with demons. 

The benefits of such a pact for a woman are numerous; a girl (witch) has the power of invisibility, or power to revenge whoever she wants to, or to cast love spells. Various magic rituals aiming to get jinni (spirits/demons) across prove that. One of them is performed by a girl during the night; right before she gets in bed, she knocks the walls saying: “I knocked the wall and 3 jinn’s popped out…” 

Traditionally, every witch performs her magic right at the sunset time, although the whole night is adequate for all magic practices, particularly a night before some important holiday when various fortune telling practices are performed too. In that way, a night before Bayram, girls get outside, take a look to the brightest star at the sky and, being very focused, repeat for nine times: “Tell me star, who loves me, tell me is it the one I love too?” Immediately after this they go directly to bed and if they happen to dream about men they love that night; it is a proof that their love is mutual.  

The special attention in love magic Bosnian witches pay to a herb called milogled (asarum europaeum) for which they believe it possesses a power to stimulate erotic desires in a monotonic marriage and to fire up love in the heart of the wanted person. Milogled is picked up in the forest in ritual way at the sunset time, in a way that an herb is first encircled by a golden necklace and then pulled up from the soil, along with the root. Since this herb mainly has only two leaves, one is coated by honey and second with butter with magic words being chanted. After that one leaf is placed at one side of the entrance door of the house and second on the other side, in order to get loved person passing between them. The moment beloved person passes through the door; the leaves are to be immediately glued to each other and carried along for some period of time. If this magic is performed for the husband then the mentioned leaves are to be put in his pillow.  

A great power to seduce the desired person, according to believes in Bosnia, are with the amulets made by a mullah (Islamic priest). Amulets made for this purpose are normally kept as talismans or burned in fire, beloved person is looked at through them or they are to be buried underneath the beloved person’s threshold. Sometimes, amulet is burned down and ash is to be poured in a drink or meal of a desired person. It is believed that this is very powerful magic. However, its effects often last for 40 days only after what the magic is to be repeated.  

In love magic, human secretions (sperm, vaginal secretion) are often used. After sexual intercourse woman picks the sperm of her lower by a kerchief after what she wipes her vagina with it. Then she washes a kerchief in a glass of water and she puts that water in her lover’s coffee or soup with magical words being chanted. 

Apart from sperm, menstrual blood is also very much in use in the whole of Bosnia. Woman gets menstrual blood fall on the sugar cube (normally 3 drops), and by chanting magic words she puts it in the coffee of the desired man. According to beliefs in Bosnia, woman have got two sorts of blood; one is menstrual blood that will make a desired man passionate and obsessed with her, and second; located in the fingers of a fist, which is used for practicing magic that will make beloved man obey her will and dominated by her.  



Turski amanet

U cijeloj Bosni i Hercegovini na magijska vjerovanja najači upliv imala je kroz povijest orijentalna okultna tradicija. Arapski i perzijsko-turski utjecaji mogu se primjetiti u svim segmentima magijske prakse i kao takvi dijele se na dvije vrste. Pisanje zapisa i hamajlija, prizivanje duhova (daira) dolazi iz arapske tradicije, viši oblik, dok salijevanje strahe (kuršun dokme), gašenje ugljevlja (komur sondurmek), vjerovanje u urokljive oči, namještanje želuca te brojne čini i basme, niži oblik magije, dolaze iz turskog i perzijskog folklora. Tu posebno prednjači u prošlosti BiH jako rašireno vjerovanje u moć basme utemeljene često na turskim volšebnim riječima sa snagom tilsuma: "Ćufur ćuti", "Ja elif", "Ja gelsun", "Ja gebersun", "Hu đevzuruhu" itd.

 Još jedan turski amanet, ali perzijskog porijekla, u našoj narodnoj baštini ogleda se u nekadašnjem vjerovanju u vile čiji je kult bio izrazito raširen svuda po Bosni i Hercegovini. Izvorno, početci vilinskog kulta naziru se u Iranu gdje je postojala vjera u peri (periler), zle ženske demone izvanredne ljepote ali često loše naravi posebno prema porodiljama i maloj djeci. Turci kasnije prihvataju vjerovanje u peri ili vile i proširuju ga na Balkan.

Strah od vila, njihove sklonosti krađi ili zamjeni male djece koja nisu izišla iz četrdesetnice, bio je nekada jako raširen među bosanskim majkama. Iz tog straha rodili su se mnogi profilaktički obredi i pravila od kojih je najviše poštovano bilo ono da se dijete nikada ne ostavlja samo u sobi ili bez nekog jakog tilsuma poput pratljače ili noža (metala). Razlog zašto su peri ili vile bile neprijateljski raspoložene prema ljudima treba tražiti u staroj turskoj predaji prema kojoj su prvo vilinsko dijete ljudi ukrali pa su im se one od tog vremena počele svetiti kradući im ili zamjenjujući djecu.

Zanimljivih pojedinosti o sličnosti ili čak istovjetnosti orijentalnih i bosanskih vjerovanja je prilično mnogo no za kraj treba navesti samo ovo. U prošlosti stari Bošnjaci su vjerovali da naš svijet na svojim leđima drži bik Garonja. Kada on mrdne ušima negdje u svijetu dogodi se zemljotres a onog dana, tvrdi predaja, kada se on sav strese desit će se Kijamet. U Maroku se pak vjeruje da zemlja leži na rogu jednog velikog bika, bik stoji na ribi koja pliva u vodi.


Muska protiv džinova

Kako bi se otjerali džinovi iz kuće ili onemogućio njihov ulazak u dom petkom, nakon jacije namaza,  na komadu kosti treba nacrtati ovu musku (hamajliju) i objesiti u ćošku kuće.





Sihir, naravno onaj manje snage, može se ukloniti korištenjem ovog starog arapskog vefka koji se ispiše na devet čistih listića papira i svako jutro, tijekom devet dana, po jedan zapis proguta se zajedno sa jednim kahvenim zrnom.


Muska za siguran put

Pošto se napiše na čistom papiru muska se omota najlonom a onda uvije u zeleno platno te nosi obješena oko vrata.Čuva svog nosioca od svih opasnosti koje se mogu pojaviti u toku putovanja.


Muska za otvaranje sreće

Kada nekom posao ide loše ili započinje sa nekom novim zaposlenjem, poslom ili firmom onda se ispisuje ova muska za otvaranje kismeta/sreće.Okolo vefka ispisuje se ovaj ajet.Muska se potom stavi na radno mjesto kako bi sve krenulo nabolje te da vlasnik radi marljivo kao pčela:


Bismillâhirrahmanirrahim. İnnema emruhû izâ erâde šeyen en yekule lehû kun ve feyekûn. Allahümme bihakki ma fi hâzel haremi min ismikel azimil a'zam en teđlib evladı Ademe ve benatı Hava ilâ men alakate aleyhi bi-hakki hâzihil âyetiš šerifeti ved da'vetil munifeti inneke alâ kulli šeyin kadir ve sallâllahü alâ seyyidina ve nebiyina ve mev-lânâ ve habibina ve nuri ebsarina ve kurrete uyûnia Mu-hammedin ve âlihi ve sahbihi eđmein.


Muska za zaštitu kuće

Ova muska štiti kuću od lopova i loših ljudi, džinova i nazara.Kada se ispiše postavlja se na neko visoko mjesto u kući kako bi počela sa djelovanjem.


Ljubavna muska

Kako bi neku djevojku svezao za sebe momak gleda da na sve načine dođe do komadića razbijenog ogledala na kojem se ta, željena, djevojka ogledala.Kada to uspije on na njega stavi komadić papira na kojem napiše božije ime Allah a potom papir lijepo premota.Za to vrijeme prouči tri puta suru Ihlas i dva puta Elham pa puhne u papir.Onda sedam puta ponovi:

Kizi bagladim,

Hak jardimđim.


Papir se stavi u četvrtastu mušemu a ona se zašije u žutu krpicu.Na svakom ubodu igle, dok se šije, momak ponavlja ove riječi:

Ben bagladim, Hak ćozmeje.


Ovu ljubavnu musku momak tajno odnese i zakopa pod dvorišna vrata kojim djevojka prolazi.Na taj način, ovim buyu sihirom, sveže je za sebe.

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