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İskambille fal

İspatı 1- Bi- risile kavga edeceksin, 2. para gelecek , 3 misafirliğe gideceksin, 4. işinde muvaffakiyet var, 5- ehemmiyetsiz bir şey kaybedeceksin, 6. çok kederin var, 7. ümidin tahakkuk edecek, 8- her beğendiğin olacak, 9- saadetlisin bilmiyorsan, 10- bir kadın kötülük düşünüyor, 11- istikbalin iyidir, 12. yolundan dönersen iyidir, 13- onu nasıl bırakmışsan öyle bulacaksın.

Karamaca : 1 • acıklı haber 2» ufak bir rahatsızlık, 3- düşmanın faaliyettedir, 4. sevgisiz bir adama rastgeleceksin, 5. beklediğin haber veya mektup gelmiyecek, 6- geç kurtulacaksın, 7 ağrı ve acı geçireceksin» 8- sevgilin kederlidir, 9- ümidin boşa çıkacak, 10- bir şey kaybedeceksin, 11 teşebbüs ettiğin iş hayırlıdır, 12 zinhar ümide kapılma, 13. bir müddet daha bekliyeceksin.

Kupa: 1 . hayırlı haber, 2. iyi yolcu, 3. zenginlik, 4. seri haber, 5 güzel rüya, 6. ümidin çıkacak, muradına ereceksin, 7. hediye alacaksın, 8- oyun kazanacaksın, 9. birisi senin işine çalışıyor, 10- birisi sana kötülük düşünüyor, 1 1 . halasın yakındır, 12- muvaffak olacaksın, 13. iktidarından fazla iş bulamıyacaksın.

Dinayrr. 1- istikbalin iyidir, 2- ümidini kesme, 3 ansızın sevineceksin, 4- istediğine bu husustaki telâkkilerini etrafile iza- heden bu tetkik çerçevesi içinde rastgelecegsin, 5 tuhaf bir şeye rastlayacaksın, 6 . beklediğin gelecek, 7- misafirin gelecek, 8. işin yolunda merak etme, 9- saadetin yakındır, 10- .-ebat lâzım ümidini kesme, 11. boş yere kızma, 12. düşündüğün kimseler rahat ve sıhhattedirler, 13 istediğin olacak.

İskambiller birden itibaren sayılır, her sayı yukarıda yakılan manayı ifade eder. 1 1 oğ lan, !2 kız, 13 pa pastır- İskambiller karışık olsa da ziyanı yoktur, yalnız sayı arası şaşmamak lazımdır. Sıra ile gelen iskambiller üç defa açılır, her defada ortaya dizilir, kitap okunur gibi sayı üzerinden fal söylenir.



Talismans, tilsum or tilisum, menas precious, dedicated item... In Arabic language, when the word tilsim, written in the original, read in reverse it would read musala-lat, which means pest, so the word itself is tilsim, considered by some magic authorities, that's why a word written in reverse since the item it signifies has the task to repel a possible demon attack. It is usually a short, but powerful content, written in numbers and secret letters (symbols), which are often underlined. Strength and efficiency of the talisman usually depends on the one creating them. If that person knows secret teachings, if they correctly use the technique of construction, and if they know astrology and the most efficient content which are written; if he performs a job in the spirit of religion - professionally and piously - then the preparation of the talisman will work argumentatively, will have full meaning and will fully reach its goal.

By everything previously written it is easy to conclude that science about talismans or ilmultilsum is one of the most challenging magical discipline, since it requires from the practitioner a lot of knowledge and familiarity with spiritual secrets. In an occult manual, after a detailed description of the rules and guidelines, there is a warning at the end: "During the performance of this kind of work one may not leave out anything. If you make a mistake or leave something out all your efforts will be in vain!".

Besides theoretical and practical part, the construction of talismans is based on numerous rules and detailed use of a special way of converting letters into numbers which is called abjad hisab, which in fact represents the very core of talisman religion. In Iranian magical tradition there is an interesting method of figuring out on which material the talisman needs to be constructed: after the wish is converted onto abjad hisab, for example love, the obtained sum is divided by the number 3. If the final number is 1 - tilsum needs to be engraved onto copper, iron, silver, gold, etc. If after we subtraction we receive number 2 - the talisman is written onto paper, and if the final number is 3 - the talisman is written onto animal skin. Although, as we find out, success with talisman magic depends on numerous items we mustn't forget to mention the rule on selection of the ideal time for work. We specially note to avoid certain unlucky days which exist in every Arabic/lunar month: 3, 5, 13, 16, 21, 24, 25. These days are considered especially negative since there are special hours so called hours of the Jinn where one of the seven dangerous demon winds blow. The magi which is familiar with the hours of the winds can use their power and make a very powerful black magic spell.

Surely, among the more important items of the talisman magic is determining menazilul kamar (moon house) i.e. one of the 28 stations in which the moon is located. The one that is especially important is the one called Al-Butain whose period represents an ideal time for creating magic, talismans and magical squares, especially the ones from the domain of love magic. Similarly, Al-Butain is suitable for rituals dedicated to wealth, for opening destiny (luck), spells for recovery, etc.

Before you begin with the construction of talismans, especially if it is made to realise a love desire, the magi must, through analysis of astrological profiles of two persons discern how compatible they actually are i.e. in what relation and position their planets and horoscope signs are. With talismans one needs to be careful since they can cause a lot of issues to the person using them, if the talisman itself is not in accordance with certain rules connected to it. For example, if there is misunderstanding and conflict between two people, the first thing that the magi must do is find the cause of the misunderstanding by analysing the influence of the stars and zodiac signs. If it turns out that the reason for the fight is the lack of harmony between the planets a certain talisman is built. When the talisman is completed it needs to be hidden in the vicinity of the house where it won't be exposed to the influence of water. The purpose of this talisman is to stimulate the betterment of the relationship between the man and the woman. It doesn't have any effects if same sex conflict is in question.

The interesting thing when it comes to the use of this talisman is the fact that this talisman must not be created for invalids, people with epilepsy, or people who are married but have extramarital relationships. Similarly, the client must not be a thief nor can he consume swine meat.

If there are misunderstandings between two persons that love each other, and the conflicts are not caused by their will, a special talisman is being used whose effect will be shown in the next seven days. Besides it bringing peace between the spouses, this talisman is used for disease, bad luck, hunger, poverty, death of children, etc. But, if it is used for other purposes the talisman will cause a lot of issues to the owner in all walks of life.


Zapis protiv muževe nevjere

Ovo je zapis koji žena nosi stalno uza se kako bi natjerala nevjernog muža da se promjeni.



In Turkey it is believed that the initiation into divination of an individual is directly received by hazrat Fatima which appears to them in their sleep and blesses them with the knowledge of favomancy. Of course, that besides this way there is the classic one which is more frequent, when one person teaches another the secrets of divination, but the former has a greater psychological power because of the note of mysticism on both the dreamer but also his environment.

One of the most popular methods of fortune-telling in Bosnia and Herzegovina is certainly divination with beans or "falanje u grah". The origin of this technique comes from Turkey, where there is an equivalent method called “fasulya fal”, "bakla falı" or “kumalak falı”. Among the people there are stories that demised Hazrat Fatima secretly performed divination with beans, hiding it from her father Muhammad. On one occasion while Hazrat Fatima predicted the fate of her friend in the room suddenly entered Mohammed. Hazrat Fatima in shock and rush managed to hide under her dress only half of the beans, which were located in front her, therefore since then it is believed that in every divination lies half truth and half lie. It is interesting that one combination of divination is named after her name – “Hazrat Fatima fal”. It is a combination of 333, which represents happiness, marriage and the fulfillment of whish.

In Bosnia, a person dealing with the divination in the beans is called “faladžija“ or „faladžinica“ if it is a female person. For divination in the beans fortune teller needs the red patch on which he or she lines up 41 grains of white beans. Before she starts placing the beans on the patch she takes the beans into the right fist , places the fist close to her mouth and recites the prayer: “Rabbi yesir vela tu'asir, rabbi temmim bil-hayr” three times and then blows into her fist three times.

Then she divides the beans into three smaller piles and from each takes the four seeds making a figure of three rows with nine beans pile where each individual pile can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 seed. The left vertical line represents a female person and the right male person. The vertical line in the middle is called the house or heart. In addition, females and males lines are divided into three symbols: the head, arms, legs and the line in the middle is divided on: the cushion, fireplace and doors. The method of divination in the bean is extremely broad and requires much effort and space for an explanation, however there are several shorter versions of divination which people mostly use to get the answer to a specific question.

The group of 41 beads of white beans the fortune teller arranges three times: -The first arrangement is for the past and it symbolizes childhood and youth The second arrangement symbolizes the clients present and the middle of his life The third arrangement symbolizes the future, and is treated as the most important part of the complete fortune telling. It symbolizes the latter part of someone's life.





The first row (A,B,C) is called „površina“ or "the surface", and its characteristic is that it can only have an odd sum of numbers 5 or 9 beads, when compared to the second and third row. When there are five beads in the first row (212, 122, 221), and in the bottom that symbolizes time (or their) 5 groups each having four beads (or five hatmi) then that shows speed to the fortune teller, favorable progress of the situation, or as they like to say: „the beans go in your favour!" The first row symbolizes intelligence, thinking patterns, thought processes,. and that's why there is a "male" and "female" head inside and a "pillow".

The second row (D,E,F) represents emotion and the house. It can be said that the second and third row are connected while the first row is separate and independent. The one thing that most people don't know is that only in the second and third row there can be for example a combination of infidelity, loss, moving, tears but also travel, gain, etc.

The third row (G,H,I) is a symbol of the things that are outside or in front of the door. It is a symbol of movement and action which is confirmed by the male and female foot prints (or legs) and the "threshold". The more beads there are on the threshold the more guests in the house or if there is only one bead on the threshold-the news will arrive inside the house, two beads "open door" that is the one whose fortune is foretold will travel or the like.

Tehir or time symbolizes a specific period when a prophecy might come true, for example, if there are five groups that have four beads in the "time" row, that means that the foretold will come about soon, if there are four groups each having four beads then the client has to be patient because the prophecy will not come about soon, etc. Fortune telling of four groups each having four beads is called „hatma“.

Besides this, each fortune teller with beans can foretell for three types of persons- girlfriend, wife, widow or boyfriend, husband, widower. For example, if a married person receives the "Hazrat Fatima fal" it is not interpreted as to the other groups. While to the other groups it foretells marriage, to the married ones it foretells divorce or the like.


GENOCIDE IN BOSNIA - SREBRENICA 11.07.1995 - 11.07.2014


Gaza Under Attack!!! Share to let the world know!!!!

Share to let the world know!!!! Share to let the world know!!!! Share to let the world know!!!! Share to let the world know!!!! Share to let the world know!!!!


Molimo se za tebe Srebrenico!

Još jednom na 11.jul bolni uzvik bosanske majke „Sineeeeeee!!!!“ zaorit će se cijelom Bosnom i Hercegovinom. Još jednom će iz bosanskog ljiljana kanuti krv na tvrdu zemlju bosansku i još jednom krenut će duga kolona ljudi ka Srebrenici, u Potočare.

Teško je to sve gledati i hladno razmišljati. Svako ko krene na to ogromno stratište ne može ostati ravnodušan na tu enormnu količinu zla, neljudskosti, brutalnosti koja je u ravnini sa nacističkom Njemačkom. I svi se pitaju isto „ZAŠTO?“. Zbog čega ste bili tolike zvijeri, zbog čega ste bili tako krvoločni, bezdušni, otrovni, poremećeni..... Zbog čega? Šta je to u prokletoj srpskoj duši, koje to ludilo vlada nad vašim poremećinim umovima? Pa jeste li vi ikako normalni?

Ali više i od toga, svi se često pitamo koliki je prag boli bosanske majke koja je izgubila svoje najmilije, koliko je to majčino srce da može i mora izdržati svaku bol i tugu? To niko ne zna, osim njih samih. Put ka Srebrenici je put ka samima sebi – upozorenje da neki ljudi ne zaslužuju da se zovu ljudi, znak koliko je zla i mržnje u Srbima prema svima drugima, poruka da nikad ne smijemo zaboraviti niti oprostiti!

I kako to zaboraviti???? Nikako i nikada!

Nema oprosta za to! Bosanska duša i srce jesu veliki, ali baš toliko ipak nisu.

Zašto bi mi opraštali nekome ko to ne zaslužuje, nekom ko se ni danas, nakon toliko vremena, ne kaje niti zbog jednog ubijenog Bošnjaka?! Time nam samo poručuju da su i dalje isti – egositičan, primitivan i krvoločan narod. Oni nisu prijatelji nikome, oni ne misle nikom dobro, to je upozorenje koje moramo svi imati u sebi. Moramo učiti svoju djecu i sva naredna pokoljenja da su nam Srbi najveći neprijatelji i da u četniku nema duše. Četnik je krvolok i ubojica.


Sjećam se kada je ratni zločinac Radovan Karadžić pred održavanje referenduma o neovisnosti Bosne i Hercegovine 1992.godine najavio u Skupštini BiH da će jedan narod nestati aludirajući time na Bošnjake. Tada je već svima moglo biti jasno da se plan o genocidu nad Bošnjacima već razradio u Beogradu i samo čeka svoju realizaciju. A ona je počela vrlo brzo nakon govora tog bezdušnika i krvoloka.

I onda su počeli pristizati preko Drine četnici i udruživati se sa domaćim, istim onima sa kojima smo bili kumovi, prijatelji, ženili se i udavali. Da, isti ti su nas izdali i udruženi sa JNA, i paravnojnim formacijama počeli pokolj po Bosni. Srebrenica, Sarajevo, Foča, Višegrad, Žepa, Prijedor......spisak je dug, pun leševa, krvi, unakaženih, spaljenih...

Opet je Europa, nakon toliko godina, bila svjedokom nacizma. Ovaj put on se događao na prostoru bivše Jugoslavije na čijem je čelu stajao balkanski Hitler Slobodan Milošević dok su njegovi srbo-nacisti palili i ubijali, odvodili, zatočavali, unakazivali, silovali, klali...

Nacistička ideologija Velike Srbije i danas je prisutna. Dovoljno vam je da prelistate nekoliko brojeva bilo kojih njihovih novina i odmah ćete uočiti stravične naslove iza kojih se krije nacistička ideja o super rasi; oni su najstariji narod na svijetu, svi ovi narodi bivše Jugoslavije su zapravo Srbi, oni vode direktno porijeklo od Isusa Krista, oni su Skiti, oni su bogovi itd. Ma, vi ste samo otpad i smeće, vrlo jasno i kratko! Jedan iskompleksirani narod ubojica i zlotvora koji je izuzetno sebičan, ohol i bezdušan. Tražite svoje porijeklo u životinjskom izmetu i okanite se sviju drugi. Vjerovatno potječete od onih muha koje se izlegu iz konjskog izmeta. E, tu su vaši geni.


Genocide in Bosnia and Palestine

There are people or even a part of a nation, even though it's hard to call them people, who are cold blooded killers which work on the principle of rational and prepared violence. The basis of such inhumane behaviour should be sought in complete nationalist societies in which nationalism becomes the justification for all crimes towards other people.

In order to achieve but also to justify genocide many reasons are given from national threat from another nation, various myths where military victories are celebrated and defeats dramatized, call to revenge, for all economic or other issues the nation which will be attacked is blamed and murders are being staged in order to awaken fear and lust for revenge. All of these examples took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina before the aggression by Serbia and Montenegro. In the same manner, the same scenarios can be seen every day in the media when one of the many terrorised Palestinians, rebel and show some resistance to the Israelite army, they are promptly killed. There we can see a perfect example of manipulation when it comes to killing, in this case of the Palestinians, which is perfected by the Jews.



Genocide done to the Bosnian people, and that to the Palestinian people, is based on the same villainous policy which rests on the fact that the victim is freed from its identity, is humiliated and all attributes of humanity are stripped away and the victim is reduced to something or someone very low, in the case of the Serbs who committed the aggression you could hear: "we must kill all balije!" and among the Jews "we are a holly nation and that is why we must cleanse Israel from the damned animals (Palestinians)!". Among the Serbian ideology of evil the Bosnians are not a nation but a part of the Serbian people which converted to Islam and in the Jewish the Palestinians as people don't exists they are in essence people from Jordan?! All of these claims were created because of propaganda which must justify future crimes solely for one purpose which is creation of "Grand Serbia" or "Grand Israel".

A large part of nationalists have a common characteristic which is primitivism which is in its essence devoid of any sort of intelligence, connection with reality and historical facts. Those people simply don't have the habit nor ability to be educated, nor to research and perceive historical facts. The best example is the usage of the term balija by the Serbs. They don't even know the real meaning of that term, which in the past was a synonym for an agricultural worker in Bosnia, a farmer. Besides that, Bosniak's as the majority in Bosnia and Herzegovina always had a larger percentage of their citizens living in urban and not rural areas. These are only small examples which perfectly explain how nationalism is a fertile ground exclusively among the primitive masses and uneducated people.     

Politicians like Slobodan Milošević, Radovan Karadžić, Ariel Sharon or Benjamin Netanyahu belong to a category of so called epileptoid psychopaths, who are usually sadistic and violent in their policy, if they are intelligent. Their priority is the nurturing of primitive nationalism, or what is usually called "American excellence" today in the USA, which is the "food" for people of lower intelligence which turns them into mass murderers, war criminals and psychopaths of every sort. Representations of crime which were undertaken by the Serb soldiers in BiH in some instances exceeded the atrocities of WWII. Civilians and prisoners of war were subject to various types of torture, abuse, they cut their fingers off, ears, hands, legs, genitalia. Decapitation was the most frequent occurrence. Such crimes were done with the help of broken bottles, or old knives in order to prolong the agony of the victim. Girls of all ages were raped and often they would force male family members to rape their mother, sister, grandmother .

The crimes of the Israeli army done to the Palestinian inhabitants are no less horrifying. The thing that is most intimidating is that the Jews created the largest concentration camp in the world where they hold over two million people in the most inhumane conditions in front of the whole world?! We can compare Gaza with the besieged Sarajevo where during that time around 11 thousand people were killed. The fact that is most frightening is that Gaza could end up like Srebrenica which is referenced to by various Israeli politicians with statements like: "the goal of the operation is to return Gaza into the medieval times" or the statement of Gilad Sharon, the son of the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon - "We must raze all of the districts in Gaza!". We see immense hatred in these statements and a clear desire for a new genocide which caused death to millions of Palestinians over the last few decades.






                                                   isreali war criminal Ariel Sharon




serbian war criminal Radovan Karadžić



israeli war criminal Benjamin Natenyahu



serbian war criminal Slobodan Milošević


Their priority is the nurturing of primitive nationalism, or what is usually called "American excellence" today in the USA, which is the "food" for people of lower intelligence which turns them into mass murderers, war criminals and psychopaths of every sort.




When religion becomes justification for genocide


The role of religion is interesting when it comes to the planning of mass crimes, that concept of God and the holly which is built in the ideology by the people committing the crime serves as just another "justification" why a certain nation needs to be destroyed. Throughout history we have a lot of examples but today the most numerous myths are the Israeli ones, such as the myth of the "sacred nation", the rebuilding of the temple of Solomon or the Serbian one where they claim that they are a "heavenly people" and that even "God himself is a Serb!". Another example is Saudi Arabia which by the establishment of Al-qaeda used Islam with the goal of dominating other countries in the Middle east, creating an impression that their attacks were directed towards other religious groups, but that has changed in the past few years and we are witnessing killing of Muslims by various Islamist groups lead by Al-qaeda with the obligatory exclamation "Allahu Akbar!". Like in the previous examples crimes are justified by fight for ethnically cleansed lend and "free" lifestyle.




Conformism in the service of crime


In psychology the term criminal ruthlessness which always signifies planned and desired crime in which the person is aware of what it is doing. Mass killings and rapes in which Serbian soldiers smirk, jeer and joke on the account of their victims fully fit the profile of social sadists and bullies which have a lower intellectual factor. The cause of such behaviour should be sought in the term "collective consciousness". There is a difference between individuals and collective consciousness, or the consciousness of people in the mass. Both individuals and a mass can be ruthless, but inside a mass we have a new phenomenon, which is responsible for numerous war crimes, and that is conformism. In all major crimes done in Bosnia there is always the same formula: a few real villains which trigger events, and besides them, a mass of faceless conformists. After all fear, cowardice, weak personality and conformism go together. An ideal example is Srebrenica where under the leadership of Ratko Mladić and a few other military personnel, the largest genocide in Europe after WWII was undertaken.     



serbian war criminal Ratko Mladić




Günlerin Ve Gecelerin Hayır Ve Şer Saatleri:







Güneş (Şems)


Har Yabis



Ay (Kamer)


Barid Ratb





Har Yabis










Har Ratb





Barid Yabis





Barid Ratb



Özellikle bu günün ilk saati veya her hangi bir vaktinde, Zühre, Müşteri, ve Ay uydularının (yıldızlarının) bu saatlerinde ilk yolculuğa çıkanlar murad ve arzularına erişmiş olurlar. Zira bu ilk saatta ay kendisinden birer karış uzakta bulunan iki yıldız arasındaki konakta bulunur. Ayın bu konaktan diğer konağa intikali süratlidir. Her hangi bir kimse işini acele ile yapılmasını isterse bu saat vaktini kollamalıdır. Zira, bu saat niyet edilen işe başlamak için mesela, Ekin ekmek, yola hazırlanmak, gemiye binmek sevgi aşk muhabbet için kolaylıkla uygulanacağı bir saattir. Yorulmadan ve hiç bir zarar ve ziyana uğramadan para kazanmak için en hayırlı bir vakittir.

Şunu bilki, Ay! (Mai, Leyli, Ünsadir) Türkçe şu anlama gelir: ay sulu, karanlık ve dişi sıfattadır. Aynı şeref sahibi olarak intisabi olduğu burçta (Yengeç) ve (Öküz) Burçlarıdır. Ay her (Menzilde ) konak veya durakta bir gün ve bir gece kalır. Her Burçta da takribi olarak 2 1/3 gün kalır, bütün gök katlarını, yani devresini 28 veya 29 gün de tamamlar. Zira ilk insan (Adem) Babamız Ve (Havva) annemiz. Bu günde yaratıldılar. Ay uydusu (yıldızı) dünya göğünde hükmünü ve etkisini yaparak seneyi tamamlar, zira ay'da Yengeç burcu gibi su gibi dalgalı ve değişken sıfattadır. Ve yine böyle bir günde Allah'ın selamı üzerine olsun (Nuh) Peygamber doğmuştur. Bu sebeble şeref ve asalet taşır.

Utarid yıldızının (kevkebinin) özel günü olan Pazar gününün saatlerinde, canlılardaki etkisi,
nisbeti ve sıfatları özellikleri.

Pazartesi günü ( Cuma Gecesi )

1. saati Ay (Kamer)

Pazartesi günü en şerefli birinci saat Ay saatidir :
Arabi ayın ilk pazartesi sabahı ilk saatine denk gelirse bu saatte sevgi muhabbet huzursuzluk gidermek kalpleri birleştirmek gibi işler ve dilleri bağlamak edilen dualar oldukça tesirlidir. Bu saat sevişmeye ve anlaşmaya yarayan en iyi ve en etkili saattir.

2. Zuhal Saati

Pazartesi gününün İkinci saati : Bu saatte ayırma , ara açma kargaşa kin adavet ayrılık yapma parçalanma ve dağıtmaya en uygun ve en etkili bir saatir. Bu saatte yolculuğa çıkmak asli temel ihtiyaçları elde etmek gibi konularda çalışıp çabalamak elverişli saattir.

3. Müşteri saati

Pazartesi gününün üçüncü saaati : Sevgi muhabbet ara bulma dostluk muhabbet sevişme birleştirme anlaşmaya müsayit en uygun ve en iyi bir vakittir bu vakit kaçırılmaz bir zamandır. Bu saatte aşıkların arasını yapmak yuvalar kurmasını temin etmek için gerekli yazı ve duaların okunması tesirlidir. Bol rızık nasip kısmet açma belalardan korunma saatidir.

4. Merih saati

Pazartesi gününün dördüncü saati : Bu dördüncü zıt ters olan nahıs ve uğursuz bir saattir. Bu saatte kötülükle ilgili yazılara aittir. Bu vakit döğüşmeye ve savaşmaya ve bu gibi hazırlıklara en iyi en güzel bir vakittir

5. Güneş saati

Pazartesi gününün beşinci saati :
Bu saat hayırlı bir saattir her haceti yerine getirmeye uygundur. Başarılı olmak için bu saatte yazı yazılır ve dua edilir. Ayrıca bu vakitte kavga dövüş savaş gibi vakitlerede aynı zamanda uygundur ve münasib bir zamandır.

6. Zühre saati

Pazartesi gününün altıncı saati :
Bu saatte tılsımlar hazırlanır. Her türlü bağlılığın yapılması için uygun bir saattir. Şeytanları ve Cinleri bağlamaya en iyi ve en etkili bir saattir.

7. Utarid Saati

Pazartesi gününün yedinci saati :
Bu saatte haram ve kötülükleri önlemek tefrik yani ayrılık işleri için tesirli bir saattir. Ve yine bu saatte Ziyafet, davet, ve Dua yazmaya en iyi en etkili bir vakit ve zamandır asla kaçırma.

8. Kamer saati

Pazartesi gününün sekizinci saati :
Bu saatte hayırlı olan çeşitli dua ve tılsımlar hazırlanır.Aşk sevgi ve dostluk barıştırma gibi. Nikah ve evlenme işlerini görmeye en etkili ve münasib bir zamandır.

9. Zuhal saati

Pazartesi gününün dokuzuncu saati : Bu vakitte hiç bir şeyin yapılmasına uygun olmayan bir zıt ters aksi (nahıs) bir vakittir. Zina yapan kötü yolda gezen kişilerin nefislerini bağlamak huylarından vazgeçirmek için gerekli havasın hazırlanılmasında çok tesirli bir saattir.

10. Müşteri Saati

Pazartesi gününün onuncu saati : Bu vakitte ise ayırmaya ve bölmeye adavet kin nefret sokmaya uygun olmayan bir saattir. İnsanların iyiliğine menfaatine dua tılsım vefk çizmeye müsait bir saattir.

11. Merih saati

Pazartesi gününün onbirinci saati :
Bu günün bu zamanında sakın alış veriş ve satış işlerine girme çünkü bu işlere uygun olmayan ters ve zıt bir vakit olma sebebidir bu işlerden uzak dur ve kaybetme. Kötü ve uğursuz bir saattir. Kin ve düşmanlık ara açma işleri yapılır.

12. Şems saati

Pazartesi gününün onikinci saati : bu saati ise Hükümdarların ve Padişahların yanına girmeye uygun olmayan bir saatir. bu saate ileri gelenler ve devlet büyüklerinin yanına gidilmez istek ve talepte bulunmak için zıt ters bir zaman olması sebeb ile uzak durmak ve bu saatin geçmesini beklemektir.
Aile huzuru sevgi muhabbet ile ilgili dua tılsım dil bağı konusunda gereken dualar edilir.

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